Friday, September 14, 2007

Proof that God is a Water Colour Painter and Possibly a Gardener

Is there any more striking a combination of flowers than purple asters set against a background of goldenroad and the browns and bronze-red of fading Spotted-Joe-Pye Weed? Perhaps the m ix of steel blue Chicory, Queen Ann's Lace and bright gold-yellow birds-foot-trefoil? Tonight I was wishing I had my camera sharply. As I headed home from my 6th Aerobics class in 7 days, the sky was amazing... I just wanted to paint it... I'm not sure I can describe it to give it justice - imagine creamy clouds a colour between pale gold and peach ranging to brighter salmon's, cranberries and purples and then superimpose a rainbow on it and then you have my sky if you have enough imagination to picture its beauty.. but alas I was was 10 min from home and stuck in traffic besides... so it'll have to be one of those skies that you remember in you mind.

I'm off to the Wilmot tomorrow - just Gabe, Me and Woody Debris (or Coarse Woody Material as Stan would have me say - but the older term has a homey forestry ring to it for me - so forgive my nostalgia... anywho... much to do and pack up.. :D

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