Wednesday, October 10, 2007

For some well written info on MMP

Up until yesterday I was guilty of neither knowing enough about MMP to make a decision about it or who I was going to vote for. This is unusual for me, since I generally follow elections closely. This just happened to be a campaign that coincided with me being seperated from media and the new paper - so I simply didn't follow as closely as usual. It is also the first time I haven't felt strongly against one of the candidates, although there are a few policies I'm not impressed with.

Having remedied that... I wanted to share some fairly balanced information written by a friend of mine from highschool. I'm was impressed by the background research and generally excellent writing. For those of you who still want to learn more - Here is the LINK.

This barns is just south of Kakabeka on a hill with the nor'westers in the background. It looked cooler eariler in the afternoon when there was light on the front of it.

Other announcements...

Gabe is still looking for models to help with his assignments in his final year of Photography. Some of the shoots are location shots - so can be done in various places (depending on the exact assignment) and others would require that you come into the studio at Humber. If you are intersted, let me know, and we'll send you word when an assignment comes out. You will definately get a print out of it and its lots of fun.

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