Thursday, January 10, 2008

Carolyn Beach Motel

I've actually stayed here on dark and snowy December night when we rolled our station wagon just outside of Thesselon, ON. In fact, you can litterly probably see the point where we flipped in this picture... The quick version of that story was that the roads were somewhat bad, and the driver had mistakenly picked the wrong leg of a V - heading into Thesselon rather than Toronto. The front passanger had suddenly noticed this and called out and the driver had tried to switch legs - at which point I woke up in the middle of the back seat where I'd been dozing and seen snow flakes spinning in circles. Giving the driver credit she did manage to pull out of the spin and into a straight skid - until the car hit some slush and proceded to spin in the other direction until we came to a stop facing backwards on about a 45 degree angle on the edge of the road. It might have all ended well there - but as I declared "Thank God, we are going to roll" and ominous creak in the car top carrier as the drivers books shifted toward the downhill side and the car rolled over into the snow filled ditch. However, whatever diety was out there was watching out for us as the injuries were limited to me getting a fat lip (I was trying to help the driver out of the car - and her seat belt whipped me in the face when it was released) and the damage was limited to a cracked CD case that got crunched as we tryed to exit the car, the scattering of a 2 kg bag of worthers candies and both side view mirrors bent, a couple of litres of fluid lost and a small dent in the car.) This time I just stopped for a lovely cup of coffee and to read my map and then it was eastward ho.
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