Thursday, May 29, 2008

Asian Lily, Columbine, Pansy Border

Here is the newest bed in the garden decked out with Asian Lilies, Columbine and Pansies. I'm going to fill in the front, possibly with some more pansies or maybe with some annuals (mimulas? Bogonia? Snap Dragons? Million Bells). I still don't know what colour 3 of the six are. One that isn't open yet will be a light orange and I think there is a second dark red one. I perhaps should figure out a way to deal with the spring heavy blooming in this bed, but even the foliage will be nice when the flowers are done. The Asian Lilies that I planted last year are coming in surprising strong considering that I had to battle the lily beetles last summer. I've already had to pick of 5 of them today.
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