Friday, May 23, 2008

A few more pictures from Repulse Bay

My teaching placement in Nunavut lasted about 5 weeks from the beginning of April until the first week of May. By the time I left, the sun was going down at about 11:30 pm and rising at 2 am. Which was altogether pretty cool. The top picture was taken the day that Peter (the other student that did a placement in the same community) and I went for a hike out over the ice to an island. We actually cut the hike short because the wind picked up and you can see how much it was reducing the visibility. You can just barely make out the town on the far side. The other picture we took when the adjudicator came to town. He'd lived in Pond Inlet for several years and took all of us including many of the local teachers and we built an igloo. I'm not sure if it was "up-to-code", but it was a really neat experience with a bunch of fun and interesting people. The parka used to belong to my Aunt Andrea from when she lived in Thunder Bay. I don't think it would fly in Paris, but it was plenty fashionable for the north, and functional to boot.
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Thank you for your comment on my blog Jennith. Good luck in your job search. My blog is a bit sanitized so feel free to email me if you have any questions. By the way, I was curious if you bumped into Kim and Wayne Sturge while you were there in Repulse? I worked with the two of them in Qikiqtarjuaq about 3 years ago.

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