Monday, July 14, 2008

Things I didn't plant

Well, I didn't plant these - at least not knowingly - but they have a quaint authenticity that I appreciate. In the background is some vinca (aka periwinkle) and the other vine is either less fancy periwinkle or honeysuckle.

On the topic of spontaneous authenticity -I'm in the library and I can see/hear some sort of children's program in the distance - I doubt these kids know each other save for siblings and a few pairs, but they are crammed together on the floor, poking each other, giggling, making faces and showing off their ability to perform semi-double jointed feats.... and they all appear to be smiling - so kudos to the guy running the program... he even has them raising their hands. Sometimes I wish I was a kid.. I think sitting on a floor cross legged listening to someone read me a story and being able to impress people by touching my nose with my tounge or my wrist with my thumb or crossing my eyes... well.. it sounds blissful compared to having software that stubornly refuses to complete your requests often crashing.....and then leaving me to sift through piles of vauge documentation that has yet to inform me of which stupid little semi-colon I've forgotten in a line of programming... Sigh...
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