Thursday, July 24, 2008

Twinkle Twinkle little wet star

Horoscope: "Even if you woke up with a frown, you will end the day with a smile as you realize a certain problem is, in reality, opportunity in disguise. A modicum of creative thinking is enough to produce a miracle." The Star

Well... I could definately use a miracle, so I guess I should start digging for that modicum of creative thinking. I guess buying a lottery ticket is pretty uncreative... but has the potential to make for a nice miracle.

Yesterday brought another 20 odd mm of rain and today we've had a few showers and thunder storms, but I"m not sure they'd be hitting the weather station I've been watching. I guess we'll have to see what else the day brings in terms of rain. The sky is still grumbling and dark - so who knows.
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