Friday, August 08, 2008


Not that long ago this was a mess of weeds, then it was a dug bed with decent soil, then it had some small new plants and now they were bigger.. but what is really exciting is to picture this down the road after say 2-3 years when each of those plants are huge and will create this awesome drift of yellow and purple in July-Sept....

Today was a productive day... dropped off my cargo boxes at the airport - hung out with the amusing folk at the Cargo warehouse - they thought I was cool, not because I was going north, but because I spent upwards of 30 minutes carefully applying duct tape to my boxes. Next to the spot where I was working, there was a rejected live cargo consisting of mama cat and at least three very young kittens (the kittens were too young to fly)... who provided adorable entertainment. Next - a few boring odds and ends and finally a visit to the MOH to drop off the "I'm leaving the province for a while paperwork".... I guess I should be glad that there were only 50 people queued ahead of me there... so I finally escaped, did some last minute shopping and then headed to my bros for quality family time. The kid did infant things mostly.. like cry... but watching my brother and wife parent was cute... That's one lucky kid. I guess.. he'll be doing some growing in the next 2-3 years too... so... potential there too. and his parents are good cooks... I'm going to miss dinner at their place :D and for the relatively sane and wise company too...

yawn... well, time to finish up the tasks for today and get some sleep... tomorrow my goal is to take pictures of things that aren't growing in my garden.... and spend some quality time with trees since I may not see too many for the next couple of months.. :D

A few more notes:

Walking the dog nearly ended in tragedy. I'm not sure if it was a subtle shift in her stance from docile to slightly predatory or just the way its tail was backlit (so it looked like a small dancing alien) but suddenly, the tree blocked the light from my eyes and there was a very nervous skunk backing up and ready to spray.... and me and my dog ran, ran away.. and still smell like a girl and a dog... thank goodness. Tonight.. for those farther north than here have a decent chance of seeing northern lights.. but none here yet.
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