Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Clue of the Environmental Hiccup

In celebration of one of the staff members birthday's, another staff member organized an awesome scavenger hunt. So, I can now say I've seen most of the major Baker Lake landmarks, save the inukshuk and the VOR. Both of which I do plan to visit soon.... pictures to come.

Our team got stuck on a clue telling us to look for a place that is smally once a week - they burn our garbage about weekly here - so we did go first to the dump and then to the sewage lagoon (pictured above) and then to the new power plant and then to the old... and then we finally gave up.... although we had it right the first time - the clue bag was just hard to find - lets just say it blended well with the other bags in the dump...

Still. It was lots of fun and everyone had a good time. The engineer in me made it necessary to take a picture of the lagoon - which does have a bit of a smell - but is actually fairly scenic if you don't catch a big whiff of it.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The grass around our lagoon is nice and green too. :)

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