Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baker Lake Hamlet

This is it... our town nestled on the shore of the lake in the last week or so before the snow comes and we settle into winter properly. It is growing pretty fast - I'm sure by this time next year there will be more buildings and this will likely continue for some years into the future. So... here it is.. a snapshot in time - Baker Lake has grown on me pretty quickly. It is a good place.

I'm caught between wishing for snow so that I can try out the skiing and knowing that I'll likely be sick of snow by June. I guess since my wishing has no real effect on the weather (similiar to the prediction of the weather folk) - I can wish whatever I want and the weather will likewise do what it wants. Snow seems inevitable at this point - its about -6.8 C right now, overcast with flurries.... But the snow is late. I guess by now its usually nearly snowmobilable.

Well, I promise to post a picture once we do get the snow.
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