Saturday, October 11, 2008

Clouds, clouds, go away

Well, the sunspot activity finally starts to be picking up. We've actually had a few form and leave in the last 2 weeks - compared to the blank blank month of August. The current kp is 6 - which means that if it was dark and clear I'd be able to see the northern lights in southern Ontario. Unfortunately... its not dark right now and the weekend that the weather-guy promised would be sunny is still grey and overcast and looking to stay that way. I hope it clears for a bit tonight. Not that there is a garentee that the geomagnetic storm will continue. But - I'd really like to see a nice display.

There is a nice picture of the new sunspot on

As for me, the sky doesn't look good for pictures today so I'm postsponing my hike until tomorrow. See if Ican't finish up all my report card related work today and actually hike without that worrying me tomorrow - when its intermittantly sunny and all.

Well... sooner started, sooner done.

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