Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life in a 8 store town

Yes... after living in a 1 store town.... the shopping opportunities here are mind boggling. However, this is where I do um... so far 98 % of my shopping. I finally discovered that in spite of appearances the Saanvik Coop is indeed open. It just doesn't have windows - so it looks closed. They actually have a good selection of household goods there. So - I'm sure I'll be shopping there at some point. Another suprising thing is the number of trucks here. Even when I was in Rankin 8 years ago I recall snow mobiles dominating and I thought the parking lot full of snowmobiles in Repulse Bay was really "north". I guess a lot of folk haven't pulled their snowmobiles out yet owing to the very thin layer of snow.

In other weird and wacky news. Since I put up that link to "Is your cat planning to kill you?, 24% of the key word hits on my site are related to that topic. Are they looking for the website or is the world full of people wondering if their cat's are homicidal plotters? I guess that is one way to improve traffic on your site.

Anywho, the dishes are done, the coffee is made and its time to make up for inadequate amounts of cardio all week....

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