Thursday, November 13, 2008

Musical Associations

I switched the playlist on my iPod to an older one entitled "A Wind Driven Snow" - I might have to do a remake once I really know what the term wind-driven snow means. The first song on the playlist is "Coffee Spills" by Stabilo. Its a song I listened to a lot when I went through my Stabilo phase last year. I was suddenly hit by an intense image of driving my car from Guelph to Cataract on Hwy 24 in a snow storm. (I swear it snowed nearly every time I tried to drive up to Orangeville last winter). It was so weird - almost like being there - and so foreign to my current existence - I haven't driven anything in nearly 3 months. In fact, the last time I was behind the wheel was probably coming back from the Swiss Chalet the night before I flew north - unless I went for a second coffee later that night. I've hardly even been a passenger in a car since leaving. I like the fact that I don't have any need for a car - although I miss being able to go on a roadtrip. I enjoyed the drive to Orangeville. I used to come on on Mississauga via Belfountain - some nice topography and scenery. I'm going to miss the Halton Ski Club trips up to Stayner and Mansfield too.

In other random notes on my life -

I went for my first cross country ski yesterday. It was -7 C with a bit of fresh snow - so I took my opportunity and skied partway to the airport and then back to the school. There were a few places that could have used more snow and less grit, but otherwise it was pretty good. We even got another bit of snow to day. Hopefully, we'll get a nice bit soon - although looking at the historic weather - we really don't get much snow past October. Still, our temperature are still above the long term average - so it seems reasonable that there could still be a decent dump of snow to improve the ski conditions.

I ran into a nurse at the store who has been to Kash in recent years. Its funny how small a world it is. I still often wonder how my Gr. 8's are doing. I also hope well - but I know that things have been tough with all the evacuations and upheavals the last few years. She says the Northern in Kash is really nice. They built it the year after I left. When I was there, the rumour was that they used yellow rope to keep the building from falling apart. I'm not sure if that was true - but that was the going tale.


Blogger Kathi said...

Don't you know, it is always snowing in Orangeville! They have more snow days than anyone. I would leave the house in rain and there would be 6 foot drifts an hour away!!!!!! Mom

8:00 AM  
Blogger Jennith said...

It did seem that way last year. But its always a really relaxing drive and they have lots of strategically placed Tim Horton's.

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would agree, the northern store in Kash did used to be held together with rope. It was one of the scariest buildings I've seen in the north. M.

10:54 PM  

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