Saturday, November 08, 2008

More aurora of the grainy variety

I've been watching the aurora forcasts on a variety of pages. and the last few days had potential for geomatgnetic storming. I did see some nice lights, but so far the solar wind is in the 550-590 range - so even with a high proton density and some nice southward Bz values the kP hasn't gone above 4 - which means that we wouldn't see them back home yet. But the good news is that we've had 4 solar cycle 24 sunspots in October, which sure beats the summer filled with no sunspots. The last sunspot that just rotated out of view to the far side of the sun - stuck around for a while and even produced 2 C class flares and quite a few B class flares... so.. here is hoping that with longer hours of darkness and more sunspots and solar activity in general that the northern lights are going to come around soon and give us some better and better shows as we start the upward climb to the solar maximum.
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