Sunday, November 02, 2008

Snow-clad Twigs

We are still waiting for our first blizzard. There is too much cold for the Hondas and not quite enough snow for the snow mobiles - which doesn't actually effect me much since all I have is feet and skis... and there is my problem. There isn't quite enough snow for skiing yet.

Its been a nice quiet and relaxing weekend. I've been eating healthy food and just recharging. I haven't been outside much - it was quite nice yesterday, but I just was in the mood for quiet.

Leaf-bare snow-clad twigs
Poking through fresh snow - seeming
A bit like antlers
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Blogger Mongoose said...

The picture is awesome as always. Did you take it yourself? It looks so... not a result I could get, I guess.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Jennith said...

lol.. getting a good shot is a bit of having an eye for something that'll look good and the rest is - a decent camera, taking a whole bunch of pictures and only posting the good ones, and luck and good light.

I run my pictures through Picasa 2 - free software from google. Usually I just sharpen the image - my camera tends to under sharpen the images and play a bit with the contrast

I have lots of crappy pictures too

Just keep shooting and you'll get ones you like :D

3:09 PM  

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