Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Canada Day

This shot was taken nearly 4 months ago and 2600 km away on Mount Nemo. Today, I find myself busy, but content. Maybe because I live in a place where the baking of a cheese cake is sufficient reason for a get together on a Wednesday night.... I guess I should have put the pictures of Sherrie and I's adventures in Cheese Cake up --- but I'm not sure I have photos from quite that long ago. Yeesh! I guess I took those with one of those film cameras. I can't even imagine not having a digital camera - especially since I use my pictures nearly exclusively on the computer.

The solar wind is up over 600 km/s - and the sky is even mostly clear - but the k value is at 3 and there isn't much in the way of northern lights. The tempeture has dipped down to -18 C though and so I've hauled out my big old Sears Parka that is likely older than me. I did buy a little Kamik zipper pull from the flea market on Saturday. I should post a shot of them. They are really nice.

We have real snow now. It even snowed lightly all day and the sunset was beautiful. The lake froze over last night and the ice is covered with a patchy dusting of snow. There were heavy clouds near the horizon, but the sky above was clear and tinged in purples and pinks and I was away from my camera. Tomorrow.. I'll manage to get out when there is some light... It makes me think things like Merry Halloween :D - but definately.. you'll need a costume that'll fit over a snow suit here. Its no place for skimpy costumes.

In science class, we made bread and we repeated my science fair that got second place in grade 5 - losing out to crystals in the life catagory no less.... shouldn't they have lost because they thought crystals were alive... It was pretty fun all in all... and the only thing that smells better than 2 loaves of bread baking is 8.

I wanted to post this link for my mom. It was definately worth the precious bandwidth to watch - especially since I've been pretty much starved for the real thing so far. - I also found a nice new to me Aurora prediction site for the Yukon -

And in another random direction... 2 days ago I logged onto my blog to find that I was the 20,001 hit. Now, granted that is actually not all the hits on my site because I didn't add stats counter for quite a few months and also granted that I probably make up at least 40% of my traffic - less lately, but still I'm a significant piece (I use my blog as a portable favourite's page). Still, not to shabby considering that I mostly ramble whatever comes out of my brain as fast as I can type it with only limited editing and no real purpose.

So.... I'd better get back to test and assignment writing before I get sleepy. Honest... pictures soon. I'll have to take some on Halloween.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The frozen lake avec snow sounds beautiful. I can't wait for things to freeze up in Calgary so that I can take my nieces skating!

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