Thursday, October 23, 2008


Here is a nice hummocky chunk of frozen tundra. By tomorrow, unless Environment Canada changes its mind again, should bring our first real snow of the the year - maybe 15 cm. My skis are calling... maybe a little bit of skiing will be in order... probably not, but I'm excited. I always love the first snow of the year... and a I'm a bit miffed that I move up to the 64th parallel and they get snow on the 46th before we do here... it just isn't fair - is it??? LOL.. I bet they get spring first though!

Other random thoughts -

When we scrutinize ourselves too sharply, we always find plenty to criticize. You are striving to compensate for what you suspect is a personality defect. Grant yourself permission to be who you are. You have nothing to apologize for.

This is today's horoscope.... I guess this could apply every day, but I think I've been giving myself a hard time a bit more often in the last week than before... So... I made an extra effort to be myself and not try to be what I thought anyone else wanted... and it was nice and oddly... it worked better. Go figure.

Since I've started teaching again I've noticed a few changes about myself. The most amazing is that my printing and handwriting are neater. I won't lie and say that it is anywhere near what I'd call neat, but it has become consistantly ledgible - which is a monumental achievement for me.

I think I may have made a lasting educational impression on some of my grade nine's. I don't think they'll forget what a parasite is..... nothing quite like a photo of a cat intestine spilling nematodes from an incision to leave a lasting impression.... Okay... I think my parasitology lab has probably left more of a lasting impression on me than most of my other labs combined. Save maybe plant evolution and wood products - but only because 4 hours of drawing pictures of things through a microscope usually ends with me curled up with a splitting headache wishing that there was some other way to draw cross sections of phloem and xylem - but I don't think that increased memory. Parasitology lab was at 8:30 am on Friday mornings - Thursday night is pub night, and while I didn't usually participate in the festivities of pub night - I worked as a Foot Patroller until 3 am, so searching through the intestines of thawing roadkill 5 and a half hours after I got off work was... rough and we had to use microscopes.

And I keep forgetting to mention/photograph my knitting related stuff. My Yarn Forward order came and I'm loving the Cascade 220 colours. I have to remember to follow up and order some more. Photograph coming soon. I also need to photograph my sock... I started the second one, but had a stupid moment and knit the tail in the wrong direction on the cuff... so I think its time for some frogwork for sure... sigh and I hate casting on.

Hopefully... pictures of snowcovered tundra soon.

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Blogger Wonder Woman! said...

I think your horoscope is very valid for where I am at too. Scrutinizing myself seems to come very naturally and usually ends in some uncoordinated disasater. Like a tape allergy throws me off in a scenario.
That's life.
Glad to see the pics. It is a crazy lookin place. SOunds like a good fit. And the business is good... :)

12:48 PM  

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