Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And rabbits the size of cats

I must have a better picture of an arctic hare somewhere... but seriously... they are at least as big as an average raccoon, definately bigger than cats. I think my dog would think about it a bit before chasing after them... but then chase after them anyways. This one decided he didn't want to stick around for a photo session. We kept an eye out for him when we we got around the corner... but no visible sign of him anywhere...

Its been busy lately - I think its going to stay that way. Look for northeren lights (maybe even down south) on Oct. 31st and apparently they have more snow in Central Ontario than they do here... go figure.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was very fortunate to have a close encounter with a hare a couple years ago while hiking the mountain here. I was impressed with its size and also quite amazed that the thing let me get as close as I did - to within 15-20 feet of it before it took off up the valley. Random encounters with nature are always magical, unforgettable moments.

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