Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random things I've learned this Week

Still no northern lights :S.

But I have learned a lot about bread and yeast.... like there is this enzyme called zymase that yeast makes to facilitate the fermentation of glucose to alcohol and carbon dioxide and that its actually the protein gluten that gives bread its fluffy structure.

I learned that pyrex is borosilicate glass and that lead oxide is added to glass to make softer, sparklier lead crystal.

I also learned that next time I buy an alarm clock at the last Walmart I'm likely to see for over 4 months - I shouldn't be frugal. My clock while rich in features is poor in workmanship.... and has an annoying alarm. It makes me miss my bright green one - the one I used to have to flip over to make my room dark or alternatively, could use as a reading light in a pinch. Although, the last time it was on the fritz I did stumble accross the new vinyl cafe. There isn't anything as nice as being snuggled up under a down duvet, lying on your stomach listening to Stuart Mclean relate the latest in the life of Dave and Morley.

Anywho, my red pen is giving me a dirty look... so its back to correcting and organizing and trying to come up with something ghoulishly cool related to math......


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Oh, this one is beautiful too. Reminds me of home!

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