Saturday, November 08, 2008


To my surprise today, I recieved many compliments on my Parka. It is not a fancy Canada Goose one. It was manufactured by Sears at least 27 years ago ; making it nearly, but not quite, older than me. Its a hand-me-down from my Aunt Andrea from when she lived in Thunder Bay. I wore it up to Repulse Bay when I was there 7 years ago and I used it when I lived in Kashechewan too. So, I know its warm although I'm not 100 percent sure that'll be good enough once it gets colder. So far though, no problems.... well there is one problem and it is one of features that is both good and bad. It has a wonderfully warm, deep hood, but between my glasses either being fogged up or removed and the degree to which my hood restricts my vision... I have to hope that anyone zipping by on a skidoo can see me because I can barely hear them and can only see them when they fall within the narrow field of view that I have with my hood zipped up. So who knows.

I do however need to do something about my mitts. I do have some okay ones here, but my hands get icy cold so easily that even on this calm, relatively warm day I was wishing I could figure out how to pull my hands deeper into my parka or better still tuck them into my armpits to warm up.

It was a very awesome day for taking pictures. The sun was obscured by a bank of icy fog and while it was -15C at least, it was dead calm - so we hardly had to worry about getting cold. I went ice fishing with a bunch of other fold not far from town. But it was my first time outside after the Lake froze - so I was so glad that I opted to play rather than work even if it means lots of working tomorrow. I learned a bit about ice fishing and one of the teachers caught a beautiful Lake Trout. Photo credit goes to B. since I'm the emparkaed lass in the front and centre of the least I'm somewhere under all those clothes... I spent more time taking pictures and reminiscing about Thunder Bay with some other ex-Lakehead Folk.... I think we form the second largest group of outsiders after the folk from Newfoundland. I did briefly try my hand at ice-fishing, but I quickly came to the conclusion that I'm probably not going to become a hard core ice fisher. Aside from getting cold quickly when I stand still... I don't think I have the patients to stick with it for the time required to catch anything. But I did enjoy being there.

It was a good day... actually.. its been a good few months.
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