Monday, December 01, 2008

This Could Be Toronto Tomorrow

This is my last bit of nostalgia. Here is Toronto snowed in the day that we waited an hour for the GO bus to get downtown, only to find out that they'd finally decided to cancel the Vinyl Cafe Show. Still... kind of a fun and wacky day with the city half shut down by snow... it was actually kind of uncrowded and nice. I think I spent a record amount of time in Toronto last year between G, M and DU.... The last time I was there was unrelated to any of the above, since I was I taking part in my once-annual trip downtown with crazy J. to see the Beautiful Unknown - which I remember more for my poor choice of footwear on Garbage day than the show (which was good) just not quite as painful as the evil shoes which I should throw out.

Ah... and now I'm about 2500 km away, a bit west, but mostly north... and honestly. I don't miss the city one bit. I haven't missed McDonald's or Tim Horton's and I certainly haven't missed the 401. I guess I'd have to say the only place I really miss is Rivergrove Community Center. I guess that leaves a small, but precious handful of people that make that part of the world worth visiting at all and maybe the McMichael Art Gallery and the produce section in the Superstore, heck even picturing the Produce section at Sobey's is enough to leave me day dreaming about salads that cost lest than dinner at the Keg.
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