Saturday, January 10, 2009

Asleep for the season

This concrete mixer is snuggled under a blanket of snow (well assuming that the rising winds haven't scoured it bare since I took this picture yesterday at lunch.) There is a threat of a multi-day blizzard starting tomorrow. We sound as though there is a good bit of wind already and there is a big high pressure ridge to the north and a low pressure system over Hudson's Bay - and air moves from places of high pressure to those of low and the bigger the difference the harder they blow.....

Anywho, I'm sure its gotten to the point where it is too cold to pour normal concrete with normal equipment and so likely there won't be any footings or floors poured in the near future....

Our gift of unseasonably comfortable weather has passed and we are back to -31 C. I did get a few good suggestions for fighting the fog from southerners. I do actually have contacts, but I try to only use them when necessary because every time I put them in an image of the eye-disease poster in my optometrists of flashes through my mind. I like being able to see and would feel it wise to take as few risks as possible. To the long term northern folk - is there any danger of wearing contacts in rediculously cold weather? Can they freeze to my eyes or otherwise cause harm?? I used to wear them when I worked student security at Lakehead in February and I don't recall that I ever had problems and certainly I worked in weather as cold as it is here now, not often, but not all that rarely either. But if anyone knows some reason that I should be wary of wearing them outside in the cold, please let me know.

Anywho... I was hoping for a nice sunny day (as originally forcast) to collect up some pictures, but it seems that it is neither sunny or warm and it is unlikely that it will improve tomorrow from the sounds of the forcast - however - I will see what I can do. Else... the middle of a blizzard might be a nice time to showcase some of my favourite garden photos.


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