Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Its strange how two people can look at the same picture and see entirely different things and even stranger how you yourself can see a picture entirely differently simply by changing the lighting, walking nearer or farther away, squinting your eyes - its just proof that every image we see is as much how we interpret as it is what is actually in front of our eyes and what colour filters we are wearing at the time. The wind today warrented wearing my rose-tinted down hill ski goggles which left our snowy world strangely pink and the blizzard kept it soft edged enough that I was surprised when I got home that I was actually still wearing my glasses, unfogged under my goggles. We have actually been at 0 km visibility all afternoon - it isn't so much the wind (coming from the SE) but the 5 cm of snow that is coming with it...... 5 cm is a lot of snow for here for this time of the year... we are slowly getting closer to the normal amount of snow on the ground for this time of the year, but still below the average.

Still, my observations regarding typical weather of course has its own bias... the length of time that the average has been calculated for is 30 years... not forever.... and weather is notably unpredictable - Still the temperature has risen from -37 to -21 C and once we took steps to keep the draft from the front door in the mudway - the house is cosy and the houses accross the street faint outlines.
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