Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hope springs eternal

Time flies, Suns rise and shadows fall, Let it pass by, Love reigns forever over all - These are the words on the Air India monument in Ireland according to Bob Rae, Liberal MP. There is a measure of peace in them - not to let tragedy taint the future - to accept, to find love and let it it have power over sorrow, anger, and confusion. These are words to give the survivors courage to live their lives without their loved ones lost in sudden and unexpected tragedy. Its the 24th anniversary of the Air India bombing.

Unexpected tragedy doesn't always happen by the plane load - sometimes the loss of just one person can leave a wound that cannot easily be filled, not even with the tears of an entire community. They cannot fill the empty desk, the empty place on the team's bench or the silence that their friend's words or laughter might have filled. My heart goes out to every person touched by this tragedy, especially close friends and family - this is a very sad day, and I grieve with you even though I am far from the community.

In the north, it is spring, the willows are just starting to bloom and the flowers will follow soon in the frenzy of the short arctic summer. It is hard to find hope sometimes, but summer is too short not to try. I know myself well enough to know that I'm feeling a muddle of emotions that will take some time to sort out. I'm worried about my students. I hope they take care of each other and talk to each other. I hope they find the courage to let love reign over sorrow, anger and confusion. I hope that there will only be one terribly empty desk in my classroom and that is the hope that I will find today.
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