Friday, June 19, 2009

Nearly setting sun

As I scramble through my last list of things to do before heading off into the world of sunsets in June, thunderstorms, family and most importantly Tim Horton's coffee in wax paper cups - a part of me is not looking forward to crowds and traffic and unfriendly people at Walmart trying to run you over with their cart. But my garden and hikes on the Bruce trail will mollify me I'm sure - and there is a dinner at Grandma's to look forward to.

Actually, I'm not sure it isn't the sunset that I'm most looking forward to. I set my alarm for the first time in a week and woke up in a panic at 3:25 thinking I'd missed my flight - of course it was 3.25 am and there is no flight that leaves here at that time of night - as bright and sunny as it was. I raced out of bed and went to check a few more clocks before my brain caught up to the state of waking that my body was in and realized my error... I felt silly, but relieved I had 12 hours left to finish packing and cleaning and visiting.

On that note, I have a pretty busy morning ahead of me, so I'd better get on with things. But I'll try to sporadically throw up a few more pictures... might as well get my money's worth from qiniq.
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