Saturday, June 13, 2009

MIgration Patterns

Northward bound - I'm not a good enough birder to tell you what species they are... but I've seen enough Canadian Geese to suggest that I think those must me a V of snow geese. I must have seen 5 or 6 head north yesterday evening. Meanwhile.. we have some territory shifts going on here in town and I'm nearly set to dismantle my Ikea nightmare of a loftbed... trying to decide whether to call for reinforcements or not. Perhaps I'll clean some other stuff first before I move my territory to the south east and then continue further southeast to write the thesis, rescue my garden (I'm sure it needs a good weeding, feeding and staking by now), walk the dog and hang out with my family and friends in the suburb of my childhood....
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Blogger Clare said...

Judging by the size difference in some of those birds if they are Snow Geese there is probably some Ross Geese in with them. I'd tend to think Canadas because the V is more pronounced rather than a wavey line, but really impossible to tell.

BTW do you know one side of the V is longer?

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