Saturday, January 30, 2010

Northwest Impediments to Passage

So... I did make it to Rankin, but now it seems that getting out is going to remain a challange. So far, 3 flights in a row to Baker have been canceled and no one has sounded all that optimistic about there being a chance to escape tonight - still - a girl can hope.

Being stuck here is hardly terrible. I'm staying at the Nanuq Lodge which is quite pleasant and the owners have been very kind and helpful and supportive. I do also have some friends here, whom I don't get to see often, and I've enjoy playing Killer Bunnies, Carcasonne, Ticket to Ride, and Canasta - but I have work that I'd like to do - not to mention that I'm pretty sure that my supper that I forgot to eat as I rushed out the door Monday is still in the microwave and is most definitely starting to mould. I guess I can hope that nuking it for 90 seconds followed by sealing it in the microwave will hopefully have eradicated the spores that would lead to mould, however, that is likely optimistic about the resilance of mould and the seal on my microwave.

But - such is the nature of blizzards - they blow until they are done blowing and you can't land a plane on a runway that you can't see - at least not without expensive technology that we do not have up here.

So I'm plodding away at knitting, trying to make up sub-plans for Monday without having access to text books and any other materials and figuring that this would be a good time to get some jobs done, like blogging.

The weather prognosis seems slightly more hopeful. They've removed the word windy from Monday's forcast. There are about 9 hours before my flight is due to leave... so I think I can still hope. *Finger's Crossed*

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