Sunday, May 16, 2010

Take Sunset Photos While Ye Can

We are approaching that time of year where those of us living in the north cease having that phenomena of night. Already, the sky is still bright at 11:30 or so and the sun is rising just after 4 am. As of Thursday, we will no longer meet the requirements for Civil Twilight. Last year the lack of night took far more of a toll on me that the lack of hours of sunlight in the winter, I found that my body really wasn't happy about the lack of nighttime. I really found that my body didn't want to sleep when it was light out even if my room was dark, exposure to bright light at any point after 9 confused it.

Anywho, I have some thesis stuff to tackle and my never ending pile of normal work facing me this fine Sunday. I remember in high school calling 1 pm on Sunday the depressing hour.... and some how it seems that Sunday has become my big work day. I don't know if I'd call my work depressing, but I wish I could be knitting or painting or going for a hike or reading a book for fun.

I did get my first knitting project started after about 2 months of not knitting. So the sun has set and risen and been up above the horizon for about 8 hours now....

I'll try and keep up some quick posts and more pictures as spring slowly changes the arctic snow into bravely questing ferns and moulting hares and ptarigan. (Ukaliq and Aqitgik (spelling - trying to correct into the new spelling from an old dictionary)


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