Thursday, July 22, 2010

Going on a long walk

30 km and 4000 ft of climbing up and climbing back down later, I'm sifting through a stack of photos, trying to pick the best ones. My feet vote that I'm not doing too much walking today, but otherwise, I'm still in awe of the landscape here. It was originally intended to be slightly less strenuous, however, its hard to resist the urge to hike a few more kilometers to see a lake nestled in bowl of dramatic and glacier speckled mountains. It would have be better if the sun had cooperated, but you can't win them all. This was our original destination and by far the most serene and scenic stop (and definitely the longest stop). Egypt Lake, a stunning shade of emerald and turquoise is surrounded by fantastic mountains, and coniferous forest and is 330 m below the highest elevation on the hike. (yes, that means there is a 330 m uphill climb on the way back, which might have seemed tough except we'd seen tough just beyond here on the way up to Scarab Lake.
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