Monday, July 26, 2010

More Views of the Scarab Lake Falls

The little falls, just before the stream cascades down a massive cliff were pretty in themselves, lots of moss and lichen and a nice view of Egypt Lake. Not sure it warrented the 2.5 km scramble up and the 2.5 km scramble down (about 140-170 m about in change in elevation - 140 m difference between the lakes, but you actually climb to a hill above the lake, that we think had an elevation about 170 m higher than the other lake, before descending to Scarab) There was a nice little rocky area where we enjoyed banana bread from the Rocky Mountain Bagel company (glad that I caved in and bought some baked goodies with my coffee). I'm not sure I've ever had banana bread taste so good and I think we would have felt short of food (and definitely chocolate) without it and an apricot almond cookie that we munched when we got back to the pass.
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