Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scarab Lake and the Amazing Falls

What lured us another 2.4 km, up the side of mountain? It was be the impressive cascade between Scarab and Egypt Lakes. The first picture was taken from fairly far away, up near Healy Pass, the second picture was taken from the shore of Egypt Lake and the third from the top of the falls. Unfortunately, there wasn't really a great place to get a good picture of the falls, after all that hiking, and although Scarab Lake is stunning, we made it up there when it was quite overcast, so the colour of the lake didn't come out all that well. Still, it was neat, and I'd love to go back there again when it was sunny.

The area near the top of the falls has a mini falls, it was actually quite scenic and the meadow just uphill of the lake had some of the nicest paintbrush that we'd seen all day.
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