Monday, July 05, 2010

Saskatchewan Skies - Stormy Weather


As I continued my travels, approaching Swift Current and Maple Creek, the skies became increasingly threatening (I think block clouds, lightening and things that appeared to be trying to turn into funnel clouds as sketchy). By the time I got to Swift Current, I decided staying was a bad proposition, given the clear skies ahead and the dangerous looking skies to the south. I made a very brief - coffee/facility/gas stop. Cursing at the slowness of the pump as the lightening and threatening clouds loomed closer (not sure if you are likely to die if you are fueling your car and get hit by lightening, but I can't imagine I want to find out. My other fear is that significant rain could cause long detours if flooding problems reoccured in the area.

I passed the section - that has be shown many times on TV and the internet that was washed out by flooding on June 18th. They've done a remarkable job of patching it up, and the very short stretch of 2 lane was not a problem at all.

It turns out that that storm system did cause some havoc and hail, so probably a good idea to keep going.
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