Saturday, August 14, 2010

Canmore Folk Fest

I appologize for being all over the place, that is the problem with getting behind. I have completely failed to mention the highlights of the Folk Fest in Canmore. (The picture probably should show rainy, threatening skies - this is from the drive through Kanaskis)

I was excited because there were actually a few artists I knew who were going to be there - especially Dala and Buffy Saint-Marie (The Honourary Doctorate and Speaker at my Graduation from LU many many years ago). Both were good, I especially felt like I'd lived a moment in time hearing Buffy Saint-Marie sing Universal Soldier live - one of the first songs I learned on my guitar back in high school. Dala were excellent, but I was also introduced to 100 mile House (a very 90ish folk band from Edmonton), Te Vaka (a Polynesian Folk group with amazing dancing and so much positive energy), Matt Anderson (highly recommend by a friend - both from the east coast), Le Vent Du Nord (French Canadian Folk) and so many other Zachary Richard was pretty neat and Ruthie Foster was fun too. The one band missing was Isaac and Blewett - still one of my favourite folk bands from Canada.

I even managed to sit (well sometimes, except when I was trying to learn some polynesian dancing) for most of 3 days straight - although sometimes I had to dance a little, to keep from freezing. Buffy Saint Marie closed the show at 11:30 pm, to a crowd of folks that had endured cold and 2 hours of significant rain and mosquitoes more normal for Ontario or Baker Lake than you'd expect to find in Canmore - but most people stuck it out. The weather managed to behave itself while threatening to be wet for the rest of the festival, it was even warm and sunny (despite weather predictions) on Monday, with only about 15 minutes of drizzle.
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