Sunday, August 01, 2010

Kananaskis Sunset Drive

So, what to do on an evening without TV options when the sun is threatening to set in a spectactular way... why not go for a nice long drive on a gravel road? Or maybe the person suggesting the drive should consult a map or the driver perhaps communicate that the drive is about 150 km. Ah well, it started off with a washboarding jolt up a winding 1 lane wide trail that hugs the mountains, followed by a brief sighting of a young (small) grizzley bear galloping across the road (yes, nice to see in a car) and then by sightings of deer, moose, snowshoe hair, and elk.

The neat thing in this picture (taken with my back to the sunset (likely in a moving car)) is that I accidently captured the actual sunset in the side mirror.
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