Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Musical Ride

Anyone who knows me well, knows that Due South is one of my favourite TV shows. After years of watching it, and hearing their allusions to the musical ride, I was thrilled when I noticed that they would be coming to Banff. Sadly, like many things, its difficult to capture the impressive cavalry skills in a still picture, here they are performing the Dome. The weather was threatening to turn, especially right before the show, and 2 helicopters were trying desparately to put out a fire, but the show was great. I think it is excellent PR for the RCMP, who get far more bad press than they deserve, given that the media fails to notice them when they are keeping our streets safe and doing their job in their usually competent manner. Only when there is something awkward or scandalous, does they make the headlines. The money raised from the tickets went to a local cultural fund as well as two programs DARE and something I didn't quite catch, that are intended to help keep youth out of trouble and alive. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to watch this live.
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