Monday, July 26, 2010

Minor Repairs to Blog

I discovered, much to my dismay, that you couldn't see a lot of my posts, even if you went through the archives. Blogger limits how big each blog should be to make sure it doesn't overload their serves and/or take too long to load (or at least this is what information on the internet has led me to believe, although I really don't care why Blogger is doing it). The fix is to add something called pagination, which allows you to flip back through posts that are cut off. Since, I'm still working with the old HTML template and I don't really know any HTML, its kind of ugly, but you'll find at the bottom of ever page and every archive page links to go to older and newer posts.

As for the picture... this is a wild life over pass being built north of Banff. As a driver I appreciate the highway being fenced, although the fencing isn't nearly as impressive looking as that along the new highway in New Brunswick, but as a forester/biologist, I have an appreiciation for the importance of connectivity between habitat seperated by human alteration - and I wondered what kind of studies were done to decide where and how to build this structure.... Anywho, enjoy unfettered abilitity to seek out older posts, I may have to switch my archiving to weekly, although once I'm back to my usual grind, my posts will probably drop significantly and it won't be such a big problem.
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