Friday, August 27, 2010

Dangerous Goods

I was running around tyring to get pictures of the HHPS symbols on common chemicals we find in the north and here is the only example I found with 3/4 - apparently Furniture Polish is only explosive, flammable and toxic, not corrosive..... so be careful with it.

This afternoon is grad, followed by the community Grad feast while tomorrow is Grad dinner and Prom. I'm making up for missing my own, I figure by the time I retire I'll probably have gone to 20 or 30 highschool graduations, although, it sometimes makes me wish I'd gone to mine as impossible as it was at the time being an expensive plane ride away in the middle of midterms of my first year..... perhaps in my next life. This years crop of Grads is a pretty special group of young people. I don't think there is a mean bone in the lot and there is tonnes of talent, grit and perserverance to boot. I'm proud of them, but the school will feel strange without them. I'm wishing them all the best of luck in whatever future they choose to persue.

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