Monday, August 23, 2010

Fireweed Follies

Well, the folly is really that I didn't have a bug net or bug spray and there were plenty of bugs. I'm sure folks who stay here all summer would say they really weren't that bad, but I've been living in the relatively bugless mecca of the upper bow valley and I hate, hate, hate blackflies with a passion, enough that I rank the Wade Hemsworth's Blackfly song in my top 20 favourites. (I think if you look closely you'll find one of these buggers (or a distant relative) in this picture. My hatred of blackflies dates back to my tree planting days in the woods somewhere an hour west of Hearst (Erst - as the locals pronounce and tree planters generally add an explitive before and after the name of the town and maybe a few more in the bargain) Still, other than the bug invasion, it was a nice night for a walk and would have been a nice night to canoe. I'm enjoying the warm weather while it lasts and trying to make good on my promise to spend more time outside this year.
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