Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ominous Weather and a Barge

The rumour is that the barges are running even later than usual. The barge seems has been later than originally forcast every year that I've been here - although this year it sounds like equipment mechanical problems have plauged one of the barges out of churchill, while I assumed that the Montreal Port strike may have impacted the barges out of Montreal. I don't actually know which barge my stuff is on, although I've been told early September - which is about the same as the last 2 years - so maybe I'm lucky. I don't think our barge season runs as late as others and with the chilly weather already setting in - its just a matter of time before the lake freezes (probably 2-3 months matter of time). Hopefully everything makes it here.

The photo is taken from the Baker Lake Visitors Center behind the Northern. Its the original Hudson Bay Co. Outpost that has been turned into a historical interpretive center. Its very well done and I learned some new stuff about Baker Lake than I hadn't know before.
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