Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Its a Dog's Life

This is a short note that the current weather in Baker Lake involves +2C temperatures, flurries and winds at a sustained speed of 61 km/h gusting to 71 km/h. If there was snow on the ground we'd have a full out blizzard and if I was this sled dog, I'd be curled up in my box with my tail keeping my nose warm. (This was taken on a lovely, warm, relatively calm day in Rankin Inlet - thus the dog looking unruffled by howling winds.) My first year here we lived in a 3 bedroom/2 story place and the upstairs swayed with the wind. Now, living near the ground, I don't feel the wind or even hear it much unless its really going. Its really going.

I also learned a valuable lesson as the wind was blowing me to the airport to collect my foodmail. Or relearned the lesson, as I explained to the pilot of the frieghter (or co-pilot or whichever he was).... never take a short cut accross the tundra. It'll take longer and you'll get wet feet, even if you are wearing waterproof hiking boots. (Hmmm... I should change my socks too) Sadly, my feet managed to stay dry until just before I made it back to the road, when I got what I deserved for picking that route.... splash, splash, splash.... ah well. Lesson learned until I forget again.

Another valuable lesson, always call the cab before assuming that its running becuase it normally is... For the first time in a really long time, more than a year, I was let down by the cab. Fortunately, I was rescued from a very long trek with six boxes by a kindly soul. I don't know whether it wasn't running or they were just so busy that they weren't answering. Again... lesson learned.

Anywho, time to stop rambling and make good use of my food mail.... and do something with the frozen stuff that I can't get into the freezer currently.... Stew or spaghetti sauce... tough call....


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