Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Proper Red Canoe

My mother and I have an ongoing disagreement about canoe colour (and as usual my mother is right). My stance, having learned the bulk of my canoe and camping skills at a Girl Guide Camp that only has red canoes, is that I feel that a canoe that isn't red doesn't feel quite right. I like red canoes - its entirely irrational, but I like their brightness against the blue of water and sky and the green of trees (I mostly don't canoe in the fall or spring - so usually things are green).  This is also an easy colour to pick out from a search plane or helicopter in an emergency situation  I also really hate canoes that don't have wooden trim, but that has to do with the number of times I've crunched my thumb or other part of my hand between a paddle and the think metal or plastic rim of a boat (ouch). On this, I think my mother and I agree.  However on the topic of colour, we do not.  My mother's stance is that if a canoe comes in a lovely shade of teal, then of course you should pick the prettiest colour. I guess I'm allowed to be set in my ways once and a while - I'm a trained camper, which means that I have good skills, but I really have to check my urge to correct people when they do things in a different way than I was taught (and I'm not generally like that, just about camp skills).

Anyways, it was a lovely evening in Rankin Inlet and I was loving the quaint image of the little red canoe moored out from the shore - although if you saw the other boats around, this one is pretty small compared to the fishing boats.

Sadly, I'm guilty of not going canoeing even once this summer. I really hope next summer I can just spend the entire time outside and definitely cram in a canoe trip - maybe to to the Brent Crater area or maybe even Nahani (not that I'm really a moving water canoeist) or even Kelso or Guelph lake if that is all I can manage. Here's hoping - I have more vacation plans that I have vacation, but you need dreams to lift you beyond the day to day, even if they might take a few years to get together.
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Blogger Kathi said...

A red canoe is very lovely!!! And so is a beautiful teal canoe with wood trim and lots of room for a major canoe trip. A bit heavier than Kevlar but you are welcome to use it when you have a chance. And I won't hang any more bear bells on you to scare the moose families away!!!

Love Mom

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Aron Slipacoff said...

Hey Jennith, I just found your blog (surprise, surprise - it's the top google blog result for "Baker Lake.") :D

Anyhow, I'm headed to Baker on Friday morning to teach a course at the college on - u guessed it - blogs! And some other stuff, too.

I've spent time in Grise Fiord and Iqaluit, even Greenland, but never Baker.

My email is

Send me a note; I'd like to make some contacts before I actually get there!

a r o n

9:49 PM  
Blogger ~G said...

If you ever need to fill a canoe, just let me know. :)

10:56 PM  

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