Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cloud Contrasts

Same sunrise from Saturday - still some neat clouds and colours - so enjoy the picture.

Thoughts... too many of them today, but I'll share a select few. I promise to be concise today, at least relative to the weekend.

The first is that in spite of Calgary's reputation of being a redneck city they managed to elect someone who was all about the issues, and a minority and a Muslim to boot. (Good for them) Toronto, on the other hand, with one of the most liberal and socialist reputations in the country, elect a guy who ran more or less on a single sound bite and who is about to spend the next 4 years tearing down things that took years of building to put in place... I'm particularly worried about his plan to rip up street cars. It just sounds destructive for the sake of being destructive - and Toronto truly needs its public transit. Mayor McCallion is still our head of state in Mississauga - starting her 12th term at the impressive age of 89. I think, should I ever have a daughter, I might just add Hazel as a middle name - I think aside from being botanical (obviously a good feature in a child's name), it has come to represent tenaciousness and spirit.

Weather thoughts - we had lots of pretty snow today, and the forcast is full of it. There have been a few patches of time when you could see the sky, and while mostly over cast last night there were parts that seemed an odd colour, but again, I've had no luck seeing the northern lights.

Until tomorrow or the next time I get around to writing... J
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Anonymous Anne B. said...

I think Calgary is blaming all the easterners for the recent result, I know we're easterners and we voted for Nenshi. We wanted to vote for someone who was pro bike commuting and pro public transit so that was the best choice. I really hope he doesn't take the street cars away, I always liked the street cars. And you are right Hazel is a pretty cool name.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Jennith said...

Well, apparently he told the star that the ripping up street car thing wasn't from him, it was a rumour from the other candidates. I guess we'll see, hopefully there are some brains to go with the bluster.

Thanks for your thoughts :D

1:23 PM  

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