Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Gaggle of Prey

Unbeknowst to these winter white ptarmigan, they were under close surveilence by a 4 legged predator who was thinking that they looked like a delicious treat or an exciting challange. I woke up early this morning and discovered that the northern lights forcast was promising, it was still dark and there was only thin cloud. Sadly, no aurora borealis sightings, maybe tonight if it doesn't totally cloud back over - which it is likely to do according to environment Canada. Its been a frustrating month for Northern Lights watching, opportunities sun-wise and no cooperation weatherwise. Still, it looked promising for a nice sunrise and I feel like I haven't done nearly enough walking and spending time outside.... The sunrise was intersting mostly because of the clouds, it could have used a bit more in terms of colour, but you can't win them all.
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