Monday, November 22, 2010

5 Year Bloganniversary

I've been blogging at Blogspot for 5 years today. Although, I've moved twice and my blog changed its name when I moved north - all 5 years of blogging are still archived here. Actually, my blog has also moved off and then back on to Blogspots server in this time - the move off causing me to have to go back through all of my posts and reattach the pictures and the move on giving me a scare although my web-master managed to save the day. I technically still have a private Myspace blog that I started 5 months earlier - but I haven't even been there in months.

I might have missed the anniversary had I not been curious yesterday - looking up to see when my first post was. This is an attempt at painting the sky the morning that the photo that has been my banner for this blog for a couple of years. I suppose on day I'll have to change it. But in the era when I was not on Blogspot, it was a bit harder to change requiring me to organize myself not only to fight with my ancient copy of Photostudio (pre-Adobe Elements) to produce said banner and then email it to my webmaster at Araska and edit the template - because I'm afraid to change to the new-fangled Blogspot template - I'm still on the classic version. The ominous warning about losing changes you've made worries me. I've kind of got things the way I like them, and I don't want to have to fix things that aren't broken. There are a few gadgets that would be nice to have - like the list of blogs that I read with most recently updated first. But several of the blogs I check have that and a similar blog reading list. Maybe this will be a project for the summer, unless Blogspot discontinues there old template - in which case I guess it would be sooner.

Its been said that blogging is slowly fading. I've been more prolific this year compared to last year - although things could slow down with cold weather limiting my desire to get out and take more pictures. But lots of folks are turning to twitter and Facebook and Google buzz. I find that I spend less time on chat programs than I have in years past and I talk to a very small number of friends and family members. I also have spent a lot less time on Facebook. I know that a few blogs I used to read regularly are posting more and more rarely - although partly because the folks writing those blogs have mostly obtained children and families and careers in that time span, impinging (I'm certain) on their time to write blogs. My solution has been to allow questionable grammar and sometimes post pictures with short blurbs rather than real posts. It is rare that you'll find well organized essays here. But I've managed to write regularly. Its something I'm still obviously bothered by, but I don't like the alternative, rarely writing, but every piece of writing being some kind of meaningful essay. I guess I should just accept it. I'm sure my readers are sick of the twice yearly posts (like this one) where I ramble on about it... I'm sure that my pickles on ham and grilled cheese rice cake is far more interesting than angst about the quality of my writing.

So on that note, I'm going to run and get a bunch of the things that need doing done this morning. The weather looks okay, so hopefully the air travel will get back on track and everyone will reach their destinations.


Blogger Wonder Woman! said...

I still make sure to come through Jenn... :) I like to see your updates and thoughts - I usually use a couple places as a diary and it's fine if no one else looks. I keep thinking I want to get rid of facebook though - I should do other things and be out of my house instead of skulking there. Slowly less and less is on there - so eventually... I'll cut the cord.
:) Miss you tonnes, when you home?

3:28 PM  
Blogger Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Hurray for five years! Definitely keep at it!

11:45 PM  

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