Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Water and Sewage Trucks Cancelled

I don't think anyone has tried to leave, but this is as far as the door opens. Not that its exactly inviting outside,  but I think its just enough that I could squeeze out.

This is the school from the doorway away - faintly in the distance. No sign of the blizzard sign - that is the sign on the front parking lot of the school with our town's sport mascot.
This is the co-op - I'm pretty sure its worse than yesterday - even the front of the building is shadowy.

View to the west - the visibility is definitely looking worse.

So - no school and no water or sewage service. Hopefully, everyone in the building conserves water. I think I'd better fill a juice jug or two just in case for drinking water. Although, worst case scenario - there is plenty of snow to melt, but I'm going to have to dig out my real parka to get it. The temperature has dropped and there is a concern that the heat in our building is off. Its about 18-20 C in here. It may be a good thing that I haven't sold my little space heater yet.  Hopefully not though - its not a good day to run out of heating fuel.


Anonymous Chantal said...

Do you drink the tap water? I was told to boil it. Either way, mine is still yellow. I buy bottled water at the Northern to drink and cook.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Jennith said...

Hi Chantal,

I usually either boil or run my water through a Brita filter. I live in an appt. building and I don't know when our tank was last cleaned. Its not particularly yellow unless you run a tub full of hot water, but it has a bit of a taste. Other places in town the water tastes fine. I think its really tank specific. The water is tested regularly for bacteria in the trucks and at the pump house and it is chlorinated. They test it annually for other contaminants - however, if your water is consistently yellow you might want to ask about your tank and have it checked if it hasn't been cleaned. If your hot water is yellow, its probably just rust from the hot water tank. The cold water is in a plastic tank (I think usually) so it shouldn't have a colour unless there is a lot of sediment built up in it and since I'm not a home owner, I'm probably not the best source of info - but this is what I gather from what other folks have said to me. Boiling it won't effect non bacteria issues, a Brita will take out more inorganic contaminants, but I don't know how effective they really are at that.

1:09 PM  

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