Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Sunrise

I've learned that the best thing I can do is keep my sleep patterns even. The worst thing I can do on the weekend is stay up late and then sleep in because I'm going to take until Wednesday before I have my pattern back 100%. That said, I'm fighting a cold and by 10 pm, I was ready to sleep, so its not surprising I woke up before 7 am and got out of bed. Techincally, getting up at nearly 7 am is sleeping in for me - but not by much. The bonus was that I finally managed to catch one of the gorgeous sunrises I've been seeing most mornings on my Camera. I even managed to refigure out better setting for taking them without using a tripod. That said, the first time I went out (not intending to leave the porch I didn't bother with Mitts or a hat (brr) and the second (smarter this time - wearing both mitts and a hat) I stepped in a patch of deep soft snow and my shins are still cold.

I'm thinking with it nearly calm, it would be a great morning to go for a hike, especially with all that -20 C stuff coming up in the forecast. But, I'm not sure I'm ready to really do something that motivated. Especially since the sunrise is already fading. We'll see, I decided to blog and have my second cup of coffee first.

The lake seems to have finally refrozen, starting yesterday afternoon - the combination of the storm and the barge seemed to have had it mostly open still on Friday morning. Both of our custodial staff said they couldn't remember the last time they saw open water in mid-November. Is it global warming or the effects of La Nina combined with 70-90 km winds or maybe the barge is to blame. It certainly would be interesting to predict how that might impact fish life, and ice thickness in the winter and when break up will occur, although the prediction is for a long cold winter once it gets its grip on us. I had thought that we'd gotten more snow than last year, but we actually have less snow on the ground than we did. Even though I don't remember many snow falls were more than 1-2 cm of snow fell last year. That could be my memory rather than the weather.

I'll try and throw up a few more pictures of the sunrise and then reassess if I feel like walking or find some other source of exercise.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

particularly nice photo! your view is inspiring.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Wonder Woman! said...

ooh so very pretty! :)
They're not really sure what this winter is going to be like - some say brutal others say no big deal. Weird.
Off for my second cup of tea :D

9:18 AM  

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