Thursday, November 04, 2010

Windows on the World

Just my luck that I'd stab my finger with the tip of a paring knife trying to seperate frozen chicken dogs. Even better luck, as I run to the bathroom to deal with the bleeding part of the equation, the kettle starts whistling shrilly, demanding my attention as I'm digging through my collection of bandaids and polysporin.

After finding and applying the correct band-aid, I used the boiling water to make strawberry jello, which was disturbingly the same colour as my blood. I'm okay with blood in general, after years as a first responder, but seeing my own blood makes me feel a bit woosy sometimes, although, not so much last night as in fact there wasn't a whole lot of blood, but I found the sight of jello disolving into the water just a bit disturbing.

Brrr. Winter temperatures are upon us, and my floor is cold. Well cool enough that I can feel the cool through a pair of fleece socks, prompting me to hunt for slippers. I own 3 pairs. The ones I found were crocheted by the mother of a friend of mine from university that I think I've had for almost 9 years. The ones I was looking for were your standard issue faux sheepskin lined ones. he other pair which I'd forgotten about must have belonged to another family member (my mom or grandma, since they fit my feet) I'm not really a fan of slippers, going barefoot or sock food whenever I can and loving wearing sandals all summer (this being a great year after 8 summers working at a summer camp where sandals were banned except for on the beach. This is admittedly a good rule, saving me from bug bites and painful foot injuries those summers (I know this from the summer where I worked at a camp where both sandals and sleeveless shirts were allowed - resulting in a sunburn and pretty beat up feet - before I realized that just because there wasn't a rule insisting I dress with common sense, didn't mean I could - thus another mostly sandalless summer).

I just found out that The Star is having a Haiku Poem contest about the Toronto Maple Leafs - which I'm thinking of entering.

Well, off to the races for the day.

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