Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Intermittant Blizzard Conditions

The first picture was taken about 10 am while the second was taken about 12:45 pm - my camera is seeing it better than I am too. The human eye can just barely make out the shadow of the Christian Fellowship Iglu - it can happen quickly - I called another teacher to see if they'd heard what was happening this afternoon, as the weather had appeared to improve and the weather office had ended our blizzard warning. In the few minutes that I was on the phone the weather went from windy with okay visibility to worse than the picture above, I litterly couldn't see the houses behind the building. A burst of snow combined with still strong winds had obliterated the world. My general rule of thumb is that if I can't see the blizzard sign, and currently, I can't even make out its shadow through the blowing snow, then its a blizzard.

Its our first blizzard of the year and some of the strongest winds I've heard. My first year I lived in the upstairs of a 5-plex near the snow fence and the the upstairs would actually shudder in the wind, combine that with the fact that I was sleeping atop a rickety loft bed, blizzards meant being rocked to sleep - and it was the most peaceful thing in the world. Whild I don't miss climbing up and down the ladder or having tighten the bolts in the bed frame (its making a great desk/storage loft right now (in front of me - yeah Ikea), I do miss the rocking motion, especially during storms.

I wish we had a bit more snow - I love big drifts after a big wind - we don't have much for the wind to work its magic on, carving strange and wonderful sculptures with its howling.
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