Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sky Watching Warrented

Anyone (in Canada maybe even) with clear skies in the next few days should look up at night for the Northern Lights - is predicting close to 100% chance of something as we are due for 1 or more CME hits and there is a coronol hole aimed at us for Tuesday. (In high latitudes their breakdown is 30% active, 50 % minor storm and 20% major storm for tomorrow - for tonight it is 40% active, 10 % minor storm and 5% major geomagnetic storm. Still very good.) Of course, the weather office is calling for clouds and snow - but I"m still hoping for clearskies - not for the least reason that I'm sick of overcast skies - nevermind that I wouldn't mind seeing a nice show of the aurora borealis.

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Anonymous Chantal said...

I'll be sure to look out for them. I've been here more than a month and haven't gone out to look for them yet. Hope it clears up!

2:19 PM  

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