Friday, November 19, 2010

Fresh out of pictures

I sadly don't think I have any new pictures... but then as I type this I wonder if I did take some the other day. I missed a gorgeous sunrise this morning. Its cold, but calm. I should be out going for a walk or something. I also missed some northern lights the other day. I guess you win some and lose some others.

I might just have to get out the paints for a bit... although I'm not sure if I'm in the right mood. I feel just a little bit like going to sleep.  My students wanted to know today if I'd ever played a video game.  I said I'd played with a Nintendo 64 back when I was in high school - to which my student replied.  "My grandfather had one of those."

I miss the days when I had time to play so much Tetris that I dreamt I was playing Tetris.  The only other activity that I've ever continued doing in my sleep was tree planting.... and well after doing but nothing but step, step, drive the shovel in, wedge open the hole, reach for the tree, tuck the tree in and stamp - repeat for 12 hours straight, 6 days a week for 5 weeks - this is not surprising.  At least there weren't any blackflies around when I planted in my dreams.  But we are now in danger of me launching into a full blown retelling of my days planting trees... like walking out of the block after my lass shift in sock feet because the boots hurt my heels too much or putting on boots with frozen liners.  It wasn't all bad.  I learned how to play pool, and I saw leather leaf in flower for the first time (and labrador tea) and I once found a stunning orchid (not a bio student, were we) and the food was mostly good save the sausages.. they were only edible when doused in ketchup and on that note I'm going to stop thinking about being wet and cold and sore because its friday night and I have a warm dry couch and lots of books to read - and stories about other people being wet and cold and tired and sore.
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